10 Favorite Phrases Of Each Astrological Sign

if the kit ;)le of this article brought you here, you might be interested in zodiacal signs. however, if it’s just a curiosity and came here for the fun, i still think that this briefly prepared article would spark interest in you and will make you thoughtful for a second. here we have listed 10 phrases, which the representatives of the different constellations use most often. did you find yourself?

1. aries – “ima f you up son!”

  • better not to argue with me.
  • will do it first, will think afterward.
  • there, where others stop, i hit the pedal to the metal
  • i will be forever young.
  • do it like me. you are not going to do it any better.
  • the hardest thing is to listen to your interlocutor till the end.
  • obduracy is not a vice.
  • it is easy to control the situation and complicated to control your own emotions.
  • one aries is fine. two aries is too much.
  • i never attack first, but feel sorry for those who offended me.

2. taurus – ” no, that’s mine!”

  • i don’t care about the money i’ve spent. i care for the distance i’ve walked.
  • i don’t need another’s, don’t touch mine’s.
  • the worst peace is better than the best wrangle.
  • do not bother the one, who has already settled down.
  • better to have beautiful sofa rather than a beautiful tent.
  • eating food is a serious thing.
  • the cherished calf sucks from two moms.
  • when you are second, you save energy.
  • i am not revengeful, but resentful.
  • taster – that is my vocation.

3. gemini – “of course i won’t tell anyone!”

  • i could change my opinion, but this is because i grow up. sometimes, too fast.
  • who rules the information, rules the situation.
  • one brain is good, two – better. especially when they are owned by the same person.
  • when i unite all my powers in one, nothing can stop me.
  • the idea, like all commodities, must not get old.
  • one telly at home – good, two tellies – good and three tellies – even better.
  • the one who’s failed is the one who’s late.
  • i move onto life’s surface, like watercraft on water. quickly and without sinking.
  • i am not inconsistent, i am many-sided.
  • i like the quankit ;)y, but no time left for the quality.

4. cancer – “i remember when…”

  • my home is my fortress.
  • to mollycoddle others is my vocation.
  • from all that exists in this world, the best is to gain patience.
  • someone, who has patience, achieves everything.
  • meet with your friends at home. not in the local café.
  • nothing can make your heart melting like a table full of food and surrounded by loved people.
  • better save and bear, but reward yourself with something good.
  • do not repress me. even slowly, i am coming.
  • i carry my responsibilities everywhere i go.
  • you think one coat can be worn out in 20 years?

5. leo – “i have that too. only mine is better (bigger, faster, etc.).”

  • – i will lead you towards the light.
  • – better to help rather than being helped.
  • good manners – half success.
  • the sun shines for the lions.
  • it is better to have good job’s position and office, rather than a good salary.
  • i like to earn a lot and to spend a lot.
  • it is always better to have royal at home and not a piano – even if there is no one to play on it.
  • my kindness should not be mistaken for weakness. i may be kind, but i have a soul of a commander.
  • if something has to be done, let it be something big.
  • why do you need the sun when you have me?!

6. virgo – “are you really gonna wear (eat, sit on, buy) that?!”

  • with hard work and patience, everything can be achieved.
  • modesty adorns the man, but success adorns him even more.
  • everyone fights for themselves, but if you ask me, i will help you.
  • everything should be in order. it’s needed everywhere – in the thoughts and in the kitchen.
  • following the logic i want you to prove me that we were created for one another.
  • the ugly ceiling drives me crazy.
  • the smaller the picture, the better.
  • live your life and leave me to live mine.
  • in every virgo, there is one hidden lady. (or gentleman)
  • it is a hardship to decide what i want, but if i decide it, i achieve it.

7. libra – “i’m not sure. what do you think?”

  • without a partner is like without a heart.
  • the most disgusting thing is to argue.
  • overcome with an agreement.
  • the life has to be lived – enjoy it.
  • work is work. but if you do not have time for entertainment – change it.
  • beauty will save the world.
  • everything should be done with joy.
  • the hardest thing is to make a choice.
  • a pleasant night can compensate even the worst day.
  • and now i am not sure if i support the white or the red.

8. scorpio – “what were you really doing last night…?”

  • sometimes you have to sting.
  • each event is like a sofa: there are always hidden springs in it.
  • i do not give my smile to everyone.
  • you can set yourself free from anything, but not from your own passions.
  • if you win my devotion, you have it forever.
  • not everyone can bear my look.
  • my passions are hidden deep inside of me. like a shark hides itself deep inside the water and rarely comes into view.
  • the world would have collapsed without knights. thankfully, i do exist.
  • i can play it “can’t be arsed”, but i notice everything.
  • i do look like a cactus – my enchantingly beautiful flower opens itself just for the chosen ones.

9. sagittarius – “who cares?!”

  • i love to love, but i love to love me more.
  • i am the center of the company. didn’t you get it?!
  • the best vacation is to be alone with yourself.
  • the main thing in a problem is its suddenness.
  • it is impossible someone to be in a black mood because of me.
  • remorse of conscience? what’s that?
  • the responsibilities are for mediocre people.
  • it is stupid to be worried about something that hasn’t happened yet.
  • i have a great potential and one day i will reveal it!

10. capricorn – “show me the money!”

  • i am neither a nag nor a horse. i am a marathoner.
  • even alone, a warrior is a warrior.
  • do not break the laws. you will help somebody, but they will catch you.
  • i don’t need much. my property is a mirror of my success.
  • life looks like a train that arrives on time at every single station.
  • it is always a pleasure to dream of foreign countries while sitting at home.
  • the real capricorn can be recognized just like the whiskey – how mature it is.
  • it is worth it to try and make your way to the top, just for the feeling of what it is to be spitting in the low.
  • i am the only one who gets younger with the passing years.
  • slowly, slowly, but when i catch, i don’t let go easily.

11. aquarius – “tell me something i don’t know…”

  • how boring it is to be looking like the rest.
  • life with me is an adventure.
  • prejudice is invented by the fools.
  • the future just has to be wonderful.
  • it is hard to be an angel, but you have to be.
  • the good intentions are sometimes more important than the good deeds.
  • to become an entrepreneur, firstly, you have to forget about the traditions.
  • money? there are much more important things in life.
  • friends first, family second, if of course… there is any time left.
  • there is no better and brisker than me.

12. pisces – ” i have this feeling…”

  • to feel is more important than to understand.
  • the past is in my mind, the future – in my eyes.
  • the order is invented by boring people.
  • do not leave something for tomorrow, if you can leave it for even later.
  • is it not enough that i promised?
  • to rush, while working is like swallowing without chewing.
  • i am ready to understand everyone, except myself.
  • real people, can be recognized by the compassion, they have for the others.
  • everybody knows i am busy, but very few know with exactly what.
  • i hate being pushed. thank i am a fish!
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