12 Things That The Internet Has Made Obsolete

many aspects of our life went down in history. our mailboxes – empty. no more rushing to get home on time so we can catch our favorite tv show and the life of the next generations will become… a little bit more different.

1. correct spelling of words


to correctly spell a whole word when messaging through social networks is a rare thingy. do they still teach the children of their mother language in high school? giving consideration to the written communication, it does not seem like this.

2. tv


rushing with your responsibilities while outdoors just to get home as soon as possible and catch the daily tv show is obsolete. many households do not even have a tv at home as the unlimited opportunities the internet gives us, has taken away its functions long ago. all in all, whether it’s your favorite movie or a tv show, you can always watch it online.

3. traveling abroad to meet relatives


in times gone, traveling abroad just to see your family or friends was a common thing. it was linked to the lack of communications such as the internet. now setting up a video conferencing is so much easier.

4. paying for music


in just a decade, cd’s went out of business and a number of websites like “mega upload” were closed. today, however, the actual alternative is the streaming. it is not only that it’s completely free for the users, but also earns revenues of the musicians.

5. writing a letter


there were times where friendships were maintained through exchanging of letters via post. something,  that seems slow and ineffective to the young generation.

6. radio


as children, we all do remember the lovely wall hanging radios. i do admit it was pretty cool from a child’s perspective. having “a box” that has the potential to give out a sound, was definitely a cool thing for us… the children. however, as the internet starts to kick in, radios get outdated quickly.

7. home phones


many young families (or individuals) kept the home telephone without even knowing that it’s there, but they do pay taxes for it. getting rid of things is slow and hard process, which requires some of the occupants of the building to stir their bu##tocks, instead of taking a break in front of the television, after a long day at work, spent doing nothing.

8. face to face communication


not so long ago, it’s been proven, that facebook and twitter are a working alternative in our human communication. the social network is a perfect way to avoid any inconvenience or sometimes committing oneself to the other person, but also blots out the real life synergy.

9. video cassettes (vhs)


i remember, oh, i remember the vhs. as i child i used to go to the video library, grab one video cassette and go home. these days are all gone. i am going to be missing the interaction with the sales person in the video library. now we have cds and flash drives. and the internet!

10. newspapers and magazines


i am pretty sure that there are plenty of cluttered newspapers and magazines all around your home and you do not even read them anymore. you’ve just put them in the nearest cupboard and forgot about them. that is one way to tell they are getting old-fashioned.

11. reading school lessons


with the advancement of the technology, “smart” applications started gaining speed among the society. today, for example, there are applications for almost everything and the children become “smart” as well. instead of getting to read the lessons from a book, they could easily use the “audio study guides”, which eases the adoption of the literary content without, of course, falling on reading.

12. typewriter


state police usa though keeps ordering typewriter machines, which they use for specific documents. at least, they won’t complain about slow internet connection when typing.  speaking of that, i should consider getting one. what’s the usa state police phone number?

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