A tortoise accidentally saved the life of a cute rabbit. They are now best friends forever!

Animals do not simply add to our otherwise dull, mundane lives a scintillation of sorts, but also provide a sense of adventure and enthralling excitement we so crave for.

Pets and adorable domesticated animals kept aside, the wild boasts of a certain amusing quality and, an ethereal thrill that it beautifully odes the boundless beauty of nature.

This nature won’t ever be the all-encompassing layer of peace, happiness and, balance had it not been for myriad forms of animals.

A tortoise recently ended up saving the precious life of a furry little friend. A rabbit. Truth be told, mythology or literary adventure and imagination may have pitted the tortoise against the rabbit, but in real, the two are as close as you could ever imagine them to be.

A man named Ron from Arizona, shared the story of his incredible pet- a 50 pound Tortoise named Wamba. One day, recently, when the caretaker of this cute albeit big sized tortoise checked the tortoise enclosure, he found his pet friend in the regaling company of another friend- a rabbit, who had previously not been spotted. At all.

It turned out that, the bunny had been wandering in the immediate vicinity of the tortoise’ shed. In Arizona. It is then that the rabbit actually discovered the comfortable cozy confine of Wamba. Interestingly, instead of being bothered by the giant reptile inside, the rabbit jumped in and since then, the two have been sticking out together, taking care of one another, like peas and carrots. Interestingly cute. What do you think?

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