Teenage boys save a child from fatality whence he fell from a cliff

We all have our own weird assumptions about teenagers. Usually, it is said that if there’s one phase of life where you are mostly confused, snobbish and, perhaps a bit too careless then it the teenage years.

What in the world would a 13 to 16 or 15- 18-year-old feel for aspects of emotions, compassion, society, the way this world is going and what in it is right or wrong.

That said, we can easily pile on, on our own misconceptions regarding how would a teenager feel concerned about some stranger around them dying or living! But not all of our innuendoes and distorted views are right. Or can be!

Well, not at least in the context of these 14-year-old and 16-year-old guys, Riley John and Seth Gerrin. The American teenagers recently saved the life of a young kid, several years younger to their age as he fell down from a 15 feet slope at Juneau Park, Alaska.

The kid was a 5-year-old who accidentally fell from a railing and his head hit a rock. As death loomed somewhere in the air, perhaps wanting to claim the innocent child, danger lurked supreme as the boy was being carried by the enormous and free-flowing water of the river in the immediate vicinity.

That is precisely the moment when the duo, without worrying for their lives jumped immediately into the water to save the kid from drowning. Securing Mason Varner, who they held from his drenched clothes, they looked for a safer corner, before finally referring to the paramedics for immediate help. Well, bravery and that too in such a daring situation? From teenagers? Time to change perspectives and ill-formed biases, right!

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