The inspiring story of Alexandra Rizio, a lawyer who’s providing refugee children with free legal help

Refugee is that term today from the context of both a geopolitical stand and a political strand of activity that it is liable to term you more as an unfit, unwanted entity in society than being of any purposeful use.

Truth be told, being a refugee is confronted with perhaps as many heart-crushing problems as someone inflicted with a threatening disease.

It pains to be one of those several hundreds of thousands of people whose present is as damaged and uncertain as a very unsure tomorrow. They don’t await tomorrows, the refugees. They drown themselves in the bygone era called yesterdays. The glorious past gone by.

But just at a time when all seems dark and murky, hopeless and only filled with morose- for refugees- some ray of sun breaks through to make things a lot better.

Take lawyer, Alexandra Rizio, for instance. She is a well-established lawyer, a successful one but above her profession, it is her compassion and sensitivity toward others’ suffering that marks her as a distinct life, few would know.

Alexandra, as of now, is fighting the very emotional and taxing battle of representing child refugees. Child refugees who face deportation and stand a very realistic chance of losing a possible ‘home’. Advocating human rights, the message of peace and social justice, Alexandra Rizio is doing more for refugees than what could be imagined. In fact, very early on in her career, Alexandra had begun her professional stint by virtue of serving as a volunteer at the eminent Refugee and Immigration Fund, Queens, NY.

From her current capacity at the Safe Passage Project, her senior staff attorney tag, professional experience is helping her wield a defensive shield and an important one to safeguard the lives and freedom of precarious young lives. It is for Alexandra’s utter humility, passion and the sincerity with which she’s attending to mattering for young, important refugee lives that we must tip our hat to her. Way to go lady!

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