These 12 Talents are so Useless but you Still Find them on every College Resume

1. juggling


believe it or not, some people actually put this on their resume. if it’s not a circus you’re applying to then what can juggling possibly do with the job? juggling isn’t bad, but it isn’t relevant either.

2. love for hard problems


what hard problems do you love? are they related to the job? if not, why is this on the resume? do not try to make the resume flowery, thinking that it’ll land you a better spot. remember to be concise and highlight your relevant technical skills.

3. can speak latin


latin is a dead language. unless you want to be a priest or your job revolves around dead languages, don’t write it up on the resume. it’s almost always irrelevant to the majority of jobs.

4. great reflexes


if you’re applying for a desk job, how does this benefit anyone? if you’re gonna apply for anything that requires athleticism then go for it, write this down. if not, fill the lines with something that’ll make you seem more productive as an employee.

5. love to read


ah yes, the lines that make you appear smarter and more passionate. however, what exactly do you read about? novels? fantasy? drama? how does make you any better at your job? be more specific and only boast of reading relevant literature.

6. great social skills


why do most people feel the need to highlight this as if it’s a special skill? the moment you apply for a job on a company that has hundreds, if not thousands, of employees, being a decent and harmonic human being is already expected of you.

7. positive outlook in life


once again, a flowery filler that takes up space in your resume. the same space that is meant for your technical skills pertaining to the job. if you have a negative outlook in life, why apply for a job at all? it’s just redundant.

8. well-travelled


great! are you applying to be a writer? airplane ticket sales? no? then don’t write it. your travel experiences won’t be a factor if you’ll be in a desk, filing documents or in a lab, putting stains on stuff.

9. self-taught


this makes a lot of people proud; that they’re able to learn by themselves without any instructors. however, without instructors and institutions, there are also no certificates. so how exactly will your skills be gauged if there’s no documentation?

10. rubik’s cube completion


again, people have inclinations towards fillers that they think are helpful. how exactly does solving the rubik’s cube, a game of patterns, make you a better mechanic or a better receptionist than the others who are also replying? only highlight what is relevant.

11. innate love for animals


remember that the people who will look at your resume, tend to look at a lot of other resumes. most of the time, they’ll only look at what you highlighted on the first page and discard the rest. so be concise and highlight what they want to see, not what you want them to see.

12.  specific niche and novelty awards


you won a tekken tournament back in the 90s? you were crowned as your town’s queen? how will any of these impress employers who have not played tekken or lived in your town? relevance, relevance and relevance are all you need to land a job. drop the unnecessary and irrelevant.

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