Two South Africans, strangers to marathon running, participate in London Marathon for a good, noble cause

England and South Africa. Perhaps the most common link between these two diagrammatically opposite countries outside of a genuine love for beer and some lager could be cricket.

But no, you perhaps got it wrong there. One of the rising passions of the world, at present, is the extensive participation in marathon running. Both countries have found amidst their burgeoning urban population, a lot of runners for marathons.

But, even that said, two recent participants at one of the most widely-covered media events in the heart of England- London’s Marathon- covering 26 miles- weren’t even runners. They were regular, everyday coffee drinking, internet loving, cola guzzling youngsters who were as distant from running as mountains of Germany are to the hills of Nepal.

Yet, the duo- Gillian Attwood and his partner, Michaela were enthusiastic participants on London’s marathon on March, 25, 2017.

Apparently, did put their feet to some swollen trouble for a good cause. Supporting the social-economic and welfare organisation, CCELAT- Canon Collins Educational and Legal Assistance Trust- the married couple ran and ran and conveyed the good spirit, congeniality and purpose of extending a meaningful cause. It turns out that, their organization, with which they are passionately involved, CCELAT- supports social justice and education, back in South Africa. And hence, all the rigour and trouble. Worth it, ain’t it?

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